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That's My Moonbeam

"...but the magic of the show is in its cast...every actor is generous with the rest..." -- Theater is Easy

"He sounds just like his father." -- Will's Aunt


"The other strong showing came from Will Fett as Laius. The dominance in his character was mesmerizing. Fett's engagement of the text allowed him to control." -- Theater in the Now

"The woman next to us wouldn't stop coughing." -- Will's Mom

East of Berlin

"The acting here is exceptional. One scene between Fett's self-loathing Rudi and Keller's determined Sarah is so profoundly sad, it sits with me still." -- Chicago Tribune

"Fett's slo-mo demolition as Rudi is riveting" -- Chicago Reader

"Your mother was upset she couldn't bring the wine she bought at intermission into the theater." -- Will's Father

This is War

"the wiry Will Fett...bristles with complex sexual energy." -- Chicago Tribune

"But it is Will Fett, sensational as the complicated, sexually-coiled, raw, ravenous, brittle...he embodies the point that the costs of war will be endlessly paid for by the foot soldiers sent to fight it." -- From the Ledge

"Will Fett is particularly terrifying, managing to turn vague motivations...into something broodingly existential." -- Chicago Critic

"That was a nice picture of you in the program." -- Will's Aunt


"...a top notch ensemble..." -- Chicago Tribune

"a rakish Will Fett...with a pitch-perfect ensemble." -- Time Out Chicago

"You remembered all of those lines!" -- Will's Mom


"Will Fett gives Guildenstern some unexpected stage presence" -- Stage and Cinema

"We wanted to come, but your father had a thing." -- Will's Mom